NURSERY - Campus Victoria

Where will I Work?

You will be able to provide comprehensive care in the following areas, health prevention, direct assistance, research, administration, and management in close and open health systems in its different levels of complexity, contributing to the development of new entrepreneurship areas. In this way you will be able to work in direct assistance in both public and private areas, healthcare institutions, community service, free choice system (senior people, home care, retiring houses, etc.) occupational health, teaching and research, and emergent fields such as schools, kindergartens, nursery centers and mining institutions, among others.


Why is UNAP your best choice?

  • Current Clinical Field Agreements in the Region
  • Member of the Chilean Association of Nursing Education (ACHIEEN)
  • 90% Postgraduate Academics 


City where it is taught



Professional Title: Nurse.

Academic Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Program’s Code: 23060 

  • 10% : GPA (US)
  • 40% : RANKING
  • 20% : SCIENCES

Minimum Score for Application

  • 500 Weighted
  • 450 PSU Average

Minimum and Maximum Scores 2021.

  • 731.5 Maximum Score
  • 569.5 Minimum Score