ICEN-20 18 Brane supergravity in 3D from fourdimentional AdS Supergravity

  1. Diaz Polanco, P. Salgado and R. Salgado,

ICEN-20 17 Transfer for Kato-Milne Cohomology over purely inseparable extensions

  1. Aravire, A. Laghribi, M. O’Ryan.and D. Mukhija

ICEN-20 16 Efficiency in quasiconvex multiobjetive nondifferentiable optimization on the real-line

  1. Fabián Flores, Cristian Vera

ICEN-20 15 First-order Lagrangian and Hamiltonian of Lovelock gravity

  1. Pablo Guilleminot, Félix-Louis Julié, Nelson Merino, Rodrigo Olea

ICEN-20 14 Reconstructing Mimetic Cosmology

  1. Víctor H. Cárdenas, Miguel Cruz, Samuel Lepe, Patricio Salgado

ICEN-20 13 Four-dimensional Brane-Chern-Simons Gravity and Cosmology

  1. Gómez, S. Lepe, P. Salgado

ICEN-20 12 Most general theory of 3d gravity: Covariant phase space, dual diffeomorphisms, and more

  1. Marc Geiller, Christophe Goeller, Nelson Merino

ICEN-20 11 Topological Terms and the Misner String Entropy

  1. Luca Ciambelli, Cristóbal Corral, José Figueroa, Gastón Giribet, Rodrigo Olea

ICEN-20 10 Cohomological Kernels of mixed extensions in characteristic 2

  1. Aravire, A. Laghribi, and M. O’Ryan

ICEN-20 09 Cohomological Kernels of non normal extensions in characteristic two and indecomposable division algebras of index eight

  1. Aravire, B. Jacob, and M. O‘Ryan

ICEN-20 08 Cohomological Kernels of purely inseparable field extensions

  1. Aravire, B. Jacob and M. O’Ryan

ICEN-20 07 Taub-NUT/Bolt-AdS solutions in Horndeski theory

  1. Esteban Arratia, Cristobal Corral, Jose Figueroa, Leonardo Sanhueza

ICEN-20 06 Cosmology from Newton–Chern–Simons gravity

  1. Lepe, G. Rubio, P. Salgado

ICEN-20 05 Brane gravity in 4D from Chern–Simons gravity theory

  1. Díaz, F. Gómez, M. Pinilla, P. Salgado

ICEN-20 04 Wave Operators, Torsion, and Weitzenböck Identities

  1. José Barrientos, Fernando Izaurieta, Eduardo Rodríguez, Omar Valdivia

ICEN-20 03 The Spin Tensor of Dark Matter and the Hubble Parameter Tension

  1. Fernando Izaurieta, Samuel Lepe, Omar Valdivia

ICEN-20 02 Mimetic Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama (ECKS) gravity

  1. Izaurieta,  P. Medina, N. Merino, P. Salgado, O. Valdivia.

ICEN-20 01 Diffusion in unimodular gravity: Analytical solutions, late-time acceleration, and cosmological constraints

  1. Cristóbal Corral, Norman Cruz, Esteban González