International Relations

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The International Relations Department is the organization that manages the strategic process of the Institution’s internationalization. This Department intends to address, in an effective and dynamic approach, the challenges that the XXI century society is facing where future professionals must develop the competences that will allow them to cope successfully in a globalized world.

University Arturo Prat establishes internationalization as a fundamental process closely related with our Mission and Institutional Strategic Plan, which seeks to integrate the international and intercultural perspective in every aspect of the university.

UNAP’s institutional internationalization program strongly supports education, research and technological innovation. Creating relationships with other universities, organisms and research centers worldwide. All of the establishments that define the university’s community have been enriched by internationalization, since all members of the community are able to participate in the different instances that this process offers: international mobility, whether as an academic, student or employee; opportunities for further education abroad and participation in multiple academic, research and university management activities.


Student Mobility

The Student Mobility Department main’s purpose is to promote, manage and support student’s mobility for undergraduates, either at a national or international level.

Its objectives include:

1. Disseminate among the University Arturo Prat undergraduate student’s community the multiple programs and agreements of the Student Mobility program that are available, either at a national or international level.

2. Provide essential information to either national and international students about their future educational institutions and about University Arturo Prat respectively. Its academic departments, infrastructure and the services that provides for students according to current procedures.

3. Systematic follow-up and monitoring the academic performance and sociocultural experience of the students in the multiple Student Mobility programs for undergraduates of UNAP, both national and international.

4. Develop conducive actions in order to encourage and attract students of other Higher Education Institutions (IES in Spanish) to UNAP.

Application Form for Foreign Students

There are many reasons to study at UNAP, the only state university of the Tarapaca Region in Northern Chile, located in a privileged area by its weather and geographical location. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique landscaping: sea and desert. Our university is placed in a cross-border area, which will allow you to enjoy in a multicultural environment.

Our university offers programs in the areas of human and financial sciences, health sciences, engineering, law and natural and renewable resources.

Iquique is one of the few cities in the world that will allow you to practice outdoor sports all year long like: surf, sand board, biking, skydiving, among others.